Work Experience


MENALON, Sound Designer and Music Editor   Sept 2014 - Present

· Designing soundscapes and sound effects for various commercials, interactive media and films such as Drake’s label “OVO”, Sportchek and Astro Gaming

· Editing and mixing compositions for various short films

· Creating samples of various instruments and sound sources for composers to use on post-production music


Hard Mode Games, Sound Designer                April 2016 – Present

· Coordinating systems, themes and streamlined ideas with the other members of Hard Mode Games

· Working within Unreal Engine 4.16 and utilizing audio middleware (Wwise) to create an immersive soundscape and    environment

· Managing and choosing the sound tracks, compositions and themes for projects under Hard Mode Games., Audio Engineer                        April 2012 – June 2014

· Responsible for reconstructing publically released songs from their raw multi-track form

· Helped format the mixes into a multi-platform application which allowed the end user control of various    instruments in the mix without sonically affecting other elements

· Solely responsible for all the quality assurance of specialized content for a partner company, J.W. Pepper

· Ensured all transcribed music was accurate, notation was formatted correctly, and that all content performed as expected within the application

· Oversaw multiple free-content series produced by the Jammit staff


School of Video Game Audio, Wwise                                                               Completed July 2017

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Music Industry Arts                                         Completed April 2013

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, General Arts and Science                                    Completed April 2011

Professional Credits

· Sportchek, Ode To Hockey – (Advertisement)                                                        Sound Designer

· Astro, M80 Headphones (Advertisement)                                                           Sound Designer

· Astro, A40 Headphones – (Advertisement)                                                             Sound Editor

· Astro, A50 Headphones – (Advertisement)                                                             Sound Editor

· ZDT - (Television)                                                                                 Sound Designer

· Weirdwood, Weirdwood Manor (Interactive Media)                                                  Sound Designer

· Throwing Cotton – (Short Film)                                                                      Music Editor

· The Orchard – (Short Film)                                                                          Music Editor

· Ruthless – (Short Film)                                                                             Music Editor

· (PSA Internet)                                                                      Sound Designer

· Rasputin (Pilot Episode)                                                                               Audio Post

· Clearing Spaces V – (Short Film)                                                                   Sound Designer

· Lockpicker – (Feature Film)                                                                       Sound Designer

· Astro, A50 Wireless Headphones – (Advertisement)                                                   Sound Designer

· OVO, The Choir – (Short Film)                                                                      Sound Designer

· Hard Mode Games, Project Sigil – (Video Game, in progress)                          Audio Director/Sound Designer